Important Dates
February 16th  General Club Meeting
February 18th Off Road Club Championship (Broadford Flat Track)
February 16/19th Ararat 2 Day Open
February 25/26th Maffra-Sale 2 Day Open

Off Road Club Champs
Have you tried Flat Track Racing??  Motocross riders join in & try Flat Track Racing, throw on a couple of trails or road tyres on you bikes and I am sure you will enjoy this type of racing.

 Round 1 of the DMCC ORCC will be held at the State Motorcycle Complex at Broadford on Saturday the 18th of February. The event will be a FLAT TRACK format. All riders with a capacity greater than 80cc 2/S or 150cc 4/S will be required to run a Trials Universal or Road Trail tyre on their rear wheels, Strictly no nobbies on rears but fronts are fine. Practise will start at 12.00 and racing will begin at 1.00, with sign on from 11.30. A BBQ and a few drinks will be provided after racing has finished.

Classes will range from Pee Wee’s through to Experts, so if you haven’t tried flat tracking before come along and see what all the fuss is about.

Please remember to have your membership fees paid and race licence ready, Day licences will be available on the day.

Entry fees will be $35.00 for seniors and $20.00 for juniors.

For more information please call Frank on 0409 325 950 or AH 9736 2329

E1:     Expert
C1:     Clubman Up to 200cc 2/S and 250 4/S
C2:     Clubman Over 200cc 2/S and 250 4/S
T1:     Trailies          
PW:   Pee Wee’s, 5 – Under 7
J0:     XR50, KTM 50 etc 5 - Under 9
J1:     65cc (Also XR/JR/PW 80) 5 - U13
J2:     85 2 stroke, 150 4 stroke, 9 – Under 12
J3:     85 2 stroke, 150 4 stroke, 12 – Under 14
J4:     Up to 125 2 stroke, 250 4 stroke, 14 – Under 16

Have you renewed your Membership???
With Round One of Off Road Club Champs you are required to have renewed your membership, as this facility will not be available on the day. 

Membership application available from web page

Membership renewals must be done at Club Rooms or by Mail no longer at events.

Membership Fee’s have been increased for 2006

Family Membership will now be $80.00 for all riders under 18yo (Parent & all riders under 17yo)

Single Membership will now be $70.00 for all riders 18 and over

Social Club Membership will now be $30.00

 Please follow directions carefully as I require a self addressed envelope for return of your Licence application & Membership cards if this envelope is not included this will delay the returns as it will be easier for you to address one extra envelope than expecting me to address 300-400 odd envelopes. 

New Junior Training/Coaching Rule for July 2006 
According to the 2006 Manual of Motorsport, as of the 1st of July 2006, riders will have to obtain a minimum of 5 hours training before receiving a competition licence.

Also riders will have to receive 5 hours coaching before competing on a 125cc 2 stroke and 250cc four stroke, riders will have to be endorsed on both bikes, if you are endorsed on 1 machine you are not automatically endorsed on the other.

3.4.1 Junior Training/Coaching Policy Requirements The JTCP will take effect on 1 July 2006. The JTCP requires that all junior riders (7-U16) who wish to take out a competition licence must:

a) Undertake a minimum of 5 hours of coaching and the required modules by an accredited coach.
b) Undertake a minimum of 5 hours coaching when wishing to compete on a 125cc 2-stroke machine.
c) Undertake a minimum of 5 hours of coaching when wishing to compete on a 250cc 4-stroke machine.
d) The coaching required for a junior to compete on either a 125cc 2 stroke or a 250cc 4 stroke can be undertaken 3months prior to the rider’s birthday, which allows them to compete on either machine.
e) A rider who is endorsed for 125cc 2 stroke must receive separate endorsement for a 250cc 4 stroke and vice versa.
f) As of the 1 July 2007 undertake a minimum of 5 hours coaching per year until they reach the age of 16.
g) The minimum of 5 hours required to ride a 125cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke will count toward the minimum 5 hours required per year.
h) Maintain a logbook for the coaching hours - refer to 3.4.2 for details on the logbook. Riders in a training/coaching session must either have a licence as defined in 3.1.2 or a logbook as defined in 3.4.2. There cannot be a combination of the two above in a training/coaching session.

 2006 AIS Women’s Training Camp 
Motorcycling Australia (MA) is now accepting applications from female Motocross and Moto-Trials competitors for a five-day training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra from April 24-28.

Open to senior national competition licence holders, three (3) days of the camp will be set aside for general sports science (nutrition, sports psychology, exercise physiology, strength & conditioning, etc), with the balance on motorcycle-specific training. The latter will see participants receive personalised tuition from some of Australia’s leading coaches.
 There is financial assistance available for travel and bike freight to the camp.

Applications are open forthwith, and close on Monday March 13. For more information, contact Daniel Hutchinson at MA, phone (03) 9684 0500, or email

Application Form

Welcome to New Members
As you can see by the following members that joined on our first practice day & along with membership renewals we were kept busy, I would like to thank Mrs Jenny Reeves a Life Member from the DJMXC days. She was my first contact with the DJMXC, as her husband was president during that time, sorry if I kept you busy Jenny. Jenny has now offered her help, as she will be visiting the track to watch her grand children ride (Pearce Family Luke, Ben & James)

Family Membership

Richard Wagner, Martin Pearce, Gareth Foster-Callaway, Nick Adamson, Dean Fisher, Christine Beck, Scott Butler, Chioda ??, Marcus Ellt, Leonie Morris, Simon DeWolf, Troy Skilling,

Single Membership

David Gale, Lee Pearsell, Glenn Edwards, Jason Courtney, Darren Hyland, Alan Ibrahin, Phillip Hendrikson, Robert Tedesco, Clinton Gill, Jai Edgar, Travis Bergmeier, Nicholas Grainger, Alex Stewart, Russel Hall.