Important Dates
June Tuesday 20th Coaches Training Course _ Club Rooms
June Saturday 24th Coaches Training Course - Club Rooms  TBC
July 2nd Club Enduro X  - Wonthaggi
July 15th Annual Dinner - Brighton
July 30th Club Sprint - Wonthaggi
August 26th-September 2nd - Newcastle to Brooms Head Trail Ride
August 27th VIPER Series - Wonthaggi
September 9/10th Gippsland Centre Championship - Wonthaggi
September 17th Classic Motocross - Wonthaggi

Off Road Club Champs
Round 4 Wonthaggi Enduro X 2nd July
Round 5 Wonthaggi Sprint 30th July
Round 6 Erica Cross Country 1st October
Round 7 Whilhop Gully Sprint 19th November

Club EnduroX & Club Sprint Meetings are available for all members…Motocross riders, this is your chance to try a different type of event and enhance your skills.

Gippsland Centre Motocross Championship
This year we are running a round of Gippsland Centre Motocross Championship September 9/10th and our club is to provide corner marshals for the event if this event is to go ahead. This is your chance to insure that this meeting will go ahead, SES is helping with some of the corners and we are working with the local Fire brigade too, but we will need members help especially for Sunday. Please step forward and help the club run a successful event.

"Until the Victorian State Government changes the planning laws"

I encourage all members to visit this site.

How many members have added their names to this list? It will require every member of all sporting clubs to get this new policy reversed, so help take some responsibility for the future of our sport and sign on….it takes 5 mins and makes a huge difference.

Wonthaggi Re-zoned
Thanks to Denise & Gary Hore and the DMCC committee, after a considerable amount of time and legal expenses Wonthaggi Motocross Complex has now been rezoned from Rural to Special Use - Motorcycle Racing. This now means the property can only be used for motorcycle racing & will now allow the club to proceed with purchasing the property.

Closed Pits
Closed Pits, discussed in length by MAV Motocross Management Committee. It will be recommended that at all State Championships and/or open meetings that the pits will be of a closed nature and that entry to the pit area will be accessed only by riders and mechanics and guardians over the age of 18years. Armbands or bollards or another method approved by the steward of the meeting and given out at sign in and all other will identify these people
Persons other than competitors will not be allowed in the pit area.

Coaches Training Course
Course takes 16hrs spread over several nights and a morning.
Next Meeting:
-  Tuesday 20th June 6.00pm until 10.00pm
-  Saturday 24th June 9.00am until 1.00pm (actual time TBA with people doing the course.)

Cost to participants will be $65.00 with DMCC making up the balance providing that any coaching they carry out is NOT for profit, and they make their skills available to all club members.
All enquiries contact Bryan Noble 9707 5672

Annual Dinner
Craig Prato is organising this 75th year Anniversary Function being held in Brighton. There will be awards and entertainment available so get on board.
Invitations have now been posted to all members - if you haven't yet received it jump on the website & download. Money is payable to Craig ASAP.
Craig can be contacted on 0412 518921 or leave a message with your requirements.

Trail Ride
Lyndon Heffernan's Newcastle to Brooms Head Trail Ride 26/8/06 -2/9/2006
Contact Richard 5952 6943 or 0404 516715 for details
First 24 Riders only accepted

Wonthaggi - Practice Days
Many of you would have seen an email or two circulating between the DMCC members and a response put forward by our committee. For those that haven't read through, let me touch on a few points:
The Committee has noted that there are some club members who are currently unhappy about the amount of riding available at the Wonthaggi MX circuit. Some members also feel that their contribution/riding fee for Practice days should be used to pay for an organization to for fill corner marshal positions and track watering duties.
The DMCC is a family club that is about offering a safe enjoyable environment for families to get involved in the sport of motorcycling, and being responsible as a contributor to the surrounding community - this means volunteers. The club is also run by a committee of volunteers who takes responsibility for the events that the club runs, which is why we ask members to contribute to a safe riding environment - assisting with flag marshalling. Motor sport can be dangerous, and that is why we ask people who participate in the sport, and know the correct procedures and associated risks, to also help assist. The DMCC has no interest in asking people to put their safety at risk, and that is why we request a few flag marshals, riders to help water the track the way they like it and keep the dust down.
The DMCC committee is also responsible in making sure that the neighbouring communities don't have reason to complain about our events, especially when we are in the final stages of securing the land. Whilst noise regulations for MX are loose and bikes stay loud the Wonthaggi track will not be open every weekend.
Since publishing some emails recently, the committee has been enlightened by many responses from passionate DMCC members who are offering good ideas and willing to step up & be an active part of the club. We thank them for the input and also invite them to come along to our Thursday night meetings (next is 22-6-06 @ 8pm) to be involved and help make some progress.

One last thought, we will need a new group of members to help out running our next practice day (9-7-06) as this weekend conflicts with the A4DE, Aust MX champs@ Broadford and most of our normal contributors who run the practice days are unavailable. If you can help out on the day we need to hear from you by 30th June….otherwise we will have no option but to cancel the day. None of us want that, so call us to make a commitment before the 30th June. Best of luck in your decision - Call Paul Bray: 0418 611220.

Welcome to New Members
Frank De Nobile,  Boris Djeric, Ricky Gilbert