Important Dates
19/20th November ATV’s Australian National Championship Wonthaggi***
10th December Christmas Break Up Wonthaggi
11th December Practice Day Wonthaggi

National ATV Championship
Sat/Sun November 19/20th

Volunteers are now required for this meeting, I would like a list of people to help with various jobs on the day/s (Starters/Finishers/Corner Marshals ect)

Over 120 ATV”s from all over Australia are to compete at this event.

For all those riders that compete or practice at Wonthaggi this is your chance to show your appreciation at having well prepared track and good facilities as income received is put back into the facilities.

Your urgent attention to this matter is required.

As of today we do not have enough volunteers to help with this event, any member wishing to help out will be entitled to free ride on the next practice day that they attend work for two days and earn two free rides (excludes $10.00 rider levy) work all day and lunch will be provided.

The committee would like to thank the following volunteers that have nominated:

Gary & Denise Hore, Garry & Corry Hopkins, Heather & Tony Lee, Barry & Nancy Deal, Robert Mantella, Daniel Foster, Clyde Whitford, Dillon Taylor, Katrina Tivendale, Andrew Clarke, Peter Hall, Kevin Williams & Family

Membership Fee’s 2006
Membership Fee’s have been increased for 2006

Family Membership will now be $80.00 for all riders under 18yo

Single Membership will now be $70.00 for all riders 18 and over

Note that we have deleted the first time joining fees

Social Club Membership will now be $30.00

Wonthaggi Practice Day
Sunday 13th November
Track was in excellent condition, our thanks must go to Gary Hore & Peter Hall for all the work into preparing the track, all the rain that Melbourne and the suburbs had in the past week missed Wonthaggi leaving the track dry and dusty, Gary organised a water truck to supplement the watering of the track to help keep the dust down. The cost of this water truck meant the practice day run at loss (sorry Bryan our Treasurer) As the Blue Light Ride & Geelong meetings were on we had a majority of junior riders. I am sure that they enjoyed the day, this kept about half the number of riders on the day.

Also I would like to thank my two young helpers Kiani Milkins and Britney Robson who helped to prepare the 2006 Membership Application for posting.

Christmas Break Up 2005
Saturday 10th December at Wonthaggi followed by the last practice day on Sunday 11th. The Christmas break up begins about 4.00pm, Father Christmas will arrive for the children, as we will not have permit on Saturday there will not be any riding, save this for the practice day on Sunday.  

Welcome to New Members
Daniel Lettieri, Damien Perry, Stephen Smith & Family, Jason Andrighetto & Family, Maria Szucs & Allan Sleth & Family