Important Dates
23rd October Club MX Championship
27th October General Committee Meeting.  Club Rooms
13th November Wonthaggi Practice Day
19/20th   November ATV's Australian Tittles Wonthaggi

Club MX Championship: 23rd October
Sponsored by Geoff Taylor Motorcycles
October 23rd has been selected for our final round of the Club MX Championship.
For club members with non-competitive recreation licence's a one event race licence will be available on the day $50.00 thus allowing you to compete at a club race meeting.
Remember NO Track Marshal and your Entry Will Not Be Accepted.
We are looking Scrutineers to check bikes prior to racing this is an opportunity for a least 2 senior riders that can not provide corner marshals.
Sup regs & entry forms can be found on the clubs web page.
Get your entry in early to avoid the late entry fees
Note; Track changes have been made to improve the vision for the spectators a lap scorers.
Membership Fee's 2006

Membership Fee's have been increased for 2006
Family Membership will now be $80.00 for all riders under 18yo
Single Membership will now be $70.00 for all riders 18 and over
Note that we have deleted the first time joining fees
Social Club Membership will now be $30.00
Our club still has one of the lowest membership fees.

Gippsland Centre
Gippsland Centre now has its own web site for all your entry forms and event news

Wonthaggi Practice Days

Next Practice day Sunday November 13th
For Track Conditions: Contact Peter Hall 0417 550575 Saturday prior to the practice.
The Motocross circuit is open for practice 10.00am to 4.00pm every second Sunday of the month
Rider fees are:
Juniors $20.00  
Seniors $30.00
Sign on is either the Canteen or Control Tower; all riders will be issued with a wristband to enable track officials to know that you have signed in.
Please have your Recreational or Competition and Membership cards (receipt for new members) available for checking.
Graded practice sessions are to be phased in as the numbers increase during the day
(Juniors, Seniors C grade & Recreational Licence Holders & A&B Seniors)
Canteen will be open during the day event.
Corner Marshals are required before practice can commence.

As we are now approaching the dry weather please be aware all riders or there representatives will be required to assist with watering the track if required, this part of the conditions required on practice days to control the dust problems

Warning to all riders please walking pace only thru the car park to avoided being sent home.

Please take notice as in previous years the Wonthaggi track was opened for practice during January, next year the January practice day has been cancelled this will allow the committee members to have a break during the Christmas period.
Washing Goggles, Boots or Helmets in the basins or showers is banned and if caught you will be banned for up to three months from practice days.
REMEMBER TO USE THE RUBBISH BINS around the track or take it home with you.
Do Not Leave This to the Committee Members.     

Welcome to New Members
Craig Farrall & Family, Rick May & Family, Chris Williams & family, Camron Taylor & Family, Jamie Ryder, David & Dianne Lawther & family