Important Dates
24th November club meeting

2nd December Trail Ride Warragul

10th December Christmas Break Up Wonthaggi

11th December Practice Day Wonthaggi

National ATV Championship

Results from this meeting are available from

The club would like to thank all members & non-members that help to run this event over two days.

Jenna, Blake, Gary & Denise Hore, Garry & Corry Hopkins, Erin Heap, Elizabeth, Heather & Tony Lee, Barry & Nancy Deal, John Deal, Robert Mantella, Daniel Foster & sister Simone Foster, Dillon Taylor, Katrina Tivendale, Andrew Clarke, Peter Hall, Kevin Williams & Family, Peter Shacklock (steward of the day), Troy & Harley Bondini & SES for First Aid & Corners and any other person that I have missed.

Over 125 bikes enter this event from around Australia, on Saturday Practice up to race 20 & Sunday race 21 to 50

Weather for Wonthaggi was unusually hot for this meeting, lunch breaks even though not planned for were allowed to give the club members a well-earned rest as they either watered or flag marshalled all day, both days. Any person that complains about flag marshalling or watering should think of these members before complaining when asked to help.

Not only did Blake Hore flag marshal he raced a Quad bike also for the first time, he finished 5th   (expert class) in the event not bad for his first attempt at Quad racing.

Membership Fee’s 2006

Membership application available from web page

Membership Fee’s have been increased for 2006

Family Membership will now be $80.00 for all riders under 18yo

Single Membership will now be $70.00 for all riders 18 and over

Social Club Membership will now be $30.00

Trail Ride

 "Lyndon Heffernan" <> 25/11/2005 12:05:33 pm >>>
Hi guys,
I thought you might like to know about a 1 day ride next Friday at
Warragul, better than golf if you can make it?
Please let all other Dandy club boys know about this as I only had a
few e-mail addresses.
I have talked to Richard about the Sydney to Brisbane ride in 06 and we
are looking at the possibilities right now, we should have all the Enduro
dates locked in soon now that the A4DE is confirmed July
Best regards,
Lyndon Heffernan.
Detour Trail Bike Tours.

Wonthaggi Practice Day

Next practice day Sunday 11th December


Christmas Break Up 2005

Saturday 10th December at Wonthaggi followed by the last practice day on Sunday 11th. The Christmas break up begins about 4.00pm, Father Christmas will arrive for the children, as we will not have permit on Saturday there will not be any riding, save this for the practice day on Sunday. 

Welcome to New Members
Daniel Foster (Daniel’s introduction to the club 2 full days of corner duty ATV Nationals & he still had the will to join)