Important Dates
8 th October Practice Day, Wonthaggi
23 rd October Club MX Championship
19/20 th ATV's Australian Tittles Wonthaggi

Practice Day's Wonthaggi:

Next Practice day Sunday October 9 th starting 10am

Juniors $20.00 Seniors $30.00

As we are now approaching the dry weather please be aware all riders or there representatives will be required to assist with watering the track if required, this part of the conditions required on practice days to control the dust problems

Warning to all riders please walking pace only through the car park.

Please take notice as in previous years the Wonthaggi track was opened for practice during January, next year the January practice day has been cancelled this will allow the committee members to have a break during the Christmas period.

Regarding practice days at Wonthaggi, we requested for flag marshal's during the days practice event, this duty is to be shared between all riders, if we are to continue with practice day's we require your help, without repeatedly calling for volunteers, if this continues we will either have to cancel the practice days or make it compulsory to only accept riders that can supply corner marshals and if required members to water the track.

After spending considerable time cleaning the toilet block removing rubbish, cleaning basins and mirrors only to find the rubbish left behind from past practice days. (Are we pigs) Washing Goggles, Boots or Helmets in the basins or showers is banned and if caught you will be banned from practice days.

REMEMBER TO USE THE RUBBISH BINS around the track or take it home with you.

Do Not leave this to the Committee Members.